Win £500 cash prize


To determine the best piece of individually generated UK clinical/basic sciences research by a Clinical Research Fellow or Ophthalmology Trainee (ST4 onwards) working in the area of ocular surface disease. The research must be new and original, i.e. not presented in other meetings or published/submitted for publication in any journal.


Ethos - "Petri dish to patient":

To reward research that focus on the benefits to patients and which seeks to challenge current medical practice.

In addition, the reward will focus on innovative research into areas of unmet medical need or areas where current treatment outcomes are considered sub-optimal or non cost effective.


Entry Requirements and Submission:

  • All abstract submissions will be sent via the electronic form.

  • All abstracts will be marked by a panel of expert judges and the successful abstracts will then be shortlisted for BRON and Poster, or Poster ONLY.  

  • For 2018, Posters may be requested to be printed in A0 PORTRAIT format with a maximum of 1000 words or displayed Electronically. This will be confirmed in October 2019.

  • All successful BRON posters must be submitted as a high resolution PDF document for inclusion in the programme.

  • The Clinical Research Fellow or Ophthalmology Trainee applicant MUST be the first author.

  • If the abstract has not been submitted and published in any other publication, it may be submitted to the journal CLAE for printed publication following the meeting.

  • Closing date for entries is Friday 9th October 2020.

(e)Poster design:

  • Keep materials clear and concise.

  • Produce material in PowerPoint/Keynote format that is legible from a distance of at least three feet.

  • Use large print and shade or colour block letters when possible.

  • For legibility, a minimum font size of 28 points and a maximum of 1000 words are recommended.

  • Avoid the using blue-green, magenta-violet, and red or green which may cause problems for colour blind colleagues.

  • Structure your poster in a layout that follows the main headings: Title, Brief Background/introduction, Purpose, Material & Methods, Results, Conclusion/Discussion and a short reference list.


Shortlisting and presentation:

A shortlist of three finalists will be expected to present their respective research in a poster format at the MCLOSA Meeting and also give a short 5 minute talk at the meeting when the judges will make the final decision regarding the Bron Award.


Judging Panel:

The judging panel will consist of an esteemed panel of Ophthalmologists with special interest in Ocular Surface.


The Bron Award:

To be presented at the MCLOSA Meeting along with a cheque for £500.

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