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MCLOSA Constitution

1   Name 

The Medical Contact lens and Ocular Surface Association hereinafter called MCLOSA.


2   Aims

To promote the study, understanding and management of contact lenses, contact lens pathology, ocular surface physiology and external eye disease among the ophthalmic medical community including junior and senior Members. 
These aims shall be achieved by means of regular Meetings, lectures, publications and any other ways deemed appropriate by the Committee. To provide an opportunity for the Meeting of Members on a social basis.


3   Membership

3.1: Membership shall be open to any qualified medical practitioner (Full Members), any optometrists (Associate Members), and medical students (Student Members).


3.2: MCLOSA is a Member of the European Contact Lens Society of Ophthalmologists hereinafter known as the ECLSO. MCLOSA is represented within the ECLSO by a National Representative.

3.3: Registration for the 28th Annual Meeting (25 November 2022 will include 1-year membership of the organisation).


4  Membership Categories


4.1:Subscribing Members: 
Full Member/Trainee Member: Qualified medical practitioner
Associate Member: Hospital-based Optometrist
Student Member: Medical Students


4.2: Honorary Members: 
Honorary life Membership may be awarded by the Committee to any individual in recognition of services to MCLOSA. They shall receive all the benefits of Membership for life free of payment of the annual subscription.


5   List of Members


5.1: The names, addresses and telephone numbers of Members shall be stored on computer and may be available for inspection by Members on request.


5.2::The information in any list of Members shall be deemed confidential and may not be passed on to any person without the written permission of the Committee.


6  Officers of MCLOSA


The Officers of MCLOSA shall be: 

  • The President (view past Presidents)

  • The Vice President 

  • The Secretary 

  • The Treasurer 

  • The National Representative to the ECLSO


7  Election of Officers


The President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Treasurer and National Representative to the ECLSO shall be elected by the outgoing Council.


8  Terms of Office


8.1::The President and Vice President shall serve for two years and should not be re-elected immediately.


8.2: The Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer and National Representative should serve for two years, but may be re-elected for further terms of office.


8.3: The immediate Past President shall also serve for two years on Council.


9  Composition of the Council


The Council shall consist of the President, the Vice President, the immediate Past President, the Hon Secretary, the Hon Treasurer, the National Representative to the ECLSO plus five elected Members of MCLOSA.


10  Election of Council Members


10.1: The Members of Council shall be elected by a Council vote and shall take office after the following AGM. Candidates who have agreed to be nominated must ensure that their applications are received at least one month before the ballot.


10.2: Election shall take place if more than one nominee is proposed for a particular post.


10.3: An ordinary Council Member shall be elected for a term of two years but shall be eligible to be re-elected for another two years at the AGM.


10.4: A co-opted Council Member shall stand down at the AGM but shall be eligible for formal election to the Council at that AGM.


11  The Council


11.1: The Council shall meet on sufficient occasions (but not less than three times a year) to carry out the business of the Association.


11.2: Normally the President will chair all Meetings, but in his or her absence the place may be taken by one of the Officers in the order of priority laid out in 7 (above).


11.3: A quorum of the Council shall consist of no less than five Members, one of whom must be an Officer.


11.4: Minutes of each Council Meeting shall be approved by the Council and signed by the President at the subsequent Meeting.


11.5: A Member of Council who fails to attend three consecutive Council Meetings without having notified an Officer in advance and with an acceptable reason, may be asked by the Council to resign.


12  Meetings


12.1: At least one Scientific Meeting will take place each year.


12.2: The Council shall convene Meetings and Members shall be notified of time and place six months in advance.


12.3: Contributions from commercial and other sources may be introduced at the Council's discretion.


12.4: A Member may, with prior notice to the Hon. Secretary, bring one or more guests to Scientific Meetings and shall pay to MCLOSA such sums as are requested.


13  Confidentiality


13.1: Matters discussed at Council Meetings are strictly confidential and can only be made public by a decision of Council.


13.2: All delegates should be aware that Scientific Meetings are private and may not be published without the consent of Council.


14  Annual General Meetings


14.1: The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held annually in the autumn at the time of a Scientific Meeting.


14.2: Unless otherwise provided in this Constitution, all motions shall require a simple majority of votes of Members present.


14.3: The agenda for an AGM and the minutes of the previous AGM shall be circulated to Members at least four weeks ahead.


14.4: Only Members and Hon. Life Members shall be entitled to be present and vote at General Meetings.


14.5: Fifteen Members shall constitute a quorum.


14.6: Where necessary the President shall exercise a casting vote.


14.7: The Minutes of the previous AGM shall be read and signed by the President.


14.8: The Annual General Meeting shall receive the reports of the President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the National Representative of the European Contact Lens Society of Ophthalmologists.


14.9: The Accounts will be ratified and signed.


15  Extraordinary General Meetings


These can be convened at the instigation of the Council or at the request of at least ten ordinary Members of MCLOSA. There must be at least four weeks written notice to Members. Only the motions set out in that notice may be discussed and voted upon at the Extraordinary General Meeting.


16  Finance


16.1: Bank Accounts shall be maintained in the name of MCLOSA with institutions approved by the Council.


16.2: The Treasurer shall be empowered to sign the cheques of behalf of the Association.


16.3: No portion of MCLOSA's funds shall be paid or transferred either directly or indirectly to any Member of MCLOSA except in payment of legitimate expenses incurred on behalf of MCLOSA.


16.4: The financial year shall end on 31st August each year and the Treasurer shall present audited accounts at the next AGM.


16.5: An Auditor, who need not be a Member but shall not be an Officer or a Council Member, shall be elected at the AGM to act for the ensuing year.


17  Amendments to the Constitution


17.1: Any proposed changes to this Constitution shall be set out in detail in the notice circulated to Members in which the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting is called.


17.2: Any change in this Constitution shall require a vote where there must be a two thirds majority.


18  Dissolution


18.1: A motion for dissolution of MCLOSA is to be proposed at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting. This motion shall be referred to specifically when notice of the Meeting is given.


18.2: At least four weeks notice shall be given to Members of any motion to wind up MCLOSA.


18.3: MCLOSA may be dissolved if a motion to that effect is passed by a two-thirds majority at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting, provided that it is subsequently confirmed by a simple majority at a further Extraordinary General Meeting, held not less than 14 days after the previous Meeting.


18.4: If MCLOSA is dissolved, the funds shall be transferred to one or other institutions having similar or reasonably similar objects chosen by the Council and approved by the Meeting of MCLOSA at which the decision to dissolve MCLOSA is confirmed. On dissolution the Minutes and other records of the Association shall be deposited with any institution the Council should deem appropriate.

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