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28th MCLOSA Annual Meeting
25th November 2022

Cavendish Conference Centre, London 


2022 registration includes 1-year membership of MCLOSA.
The Medical Contact Lens and Ocular Surface Association (MCLOSA) welcomes registrations from any qualified medical practitioner (Full Members), any optometrists (Associate Members), and medical students (Student Members).

Registration rates:
Consultant Grade: £150.00
Trainee Grade (including optometrists, other allied health professionals, medical students): £75.00


Should you wish to make payment via bank transfer or want to book on behalf of a group please contact louise@healthology.eu.

Find out more about the meeting location here.
Registration fees are refundable until the 11 November 2022 (see refund and cancellation policy for details).

MCLOSA Dinner: Evening of the 25th November, venue TBC soon. 
We are currently finalising a venue for the MCLOSA Dinner on the Friday. The dinner venue will be close to the Cavendish Conference Centre with sit down to dinner at 7pm.

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